Spotlight: The Naked and Famous


I know its abit late, but here it is, a write up on The Naked and Famous!

The New Zealand quintet exploded into the scene in 2010 with the release of their debut album “Passive Me, Aggressive You”. Driven by the popularity of their four singles “Young Blood”, “All of This”, “Punching In A Dream”, and “No Way”, the band has made themselves quite the fanbase across the world, despite being from, well, down under.

The Naked and Famous’ sound consists of back and forth and harmonising vocals between Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers, which adds to the power of the group’s songs, and also catchy choruses and synthesizers that reminds one of the classic 80’s synths. This all adds into one powerful package of an album which makes one feel like head-banging, dancing, jumping and singing along.

The Naked and Famous sonic soundscapes has won them many fans around the world,most notably being Mark Hoppus of Blink-182/+44 fame .I might add that it was Mark Hoppus linking “Young Blood” on his Facebook page that I discovered this band. The Naked and Famous also has a huge and dedicated following in their native New Zealand, with their second single “Young Blood” debuting at number 1 on the New Zealand Singles Chart.

In closing, The Naked and Famous offers hours of sonic pleasure with their debut album. This is definitely one of my favourite indie albums I have listened to thus far. I leave you with a few stand out tracks from the album.

By Louis; 3rd April 2012

  1. Justin Baggerson Wong said:

    Now do DCFC, Noah and the Whale and Bombay Bicycle Club. Bitch

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